Luís Pedro de Abreu is an architect and despite countless projects in the area of decoration and architecture, he obtained public recognition through his participation in Querido, mudei a casa! the Portuguese TV show. Always surprising the show’s candidates with dreamy proposals, today he’s the star at Rodi’s blog.


We spoke to Luís about inspirations, the future of his projects and how the concept of sustainability finds its place in these areas. Get to know a little more about one of those responsible for making dreams come true, in one of the most beloved programs on Portuguese television.

RODI: At what point in your life did you decide that architecture would be your greatest passion?
LUÍS PEDRO: I have always lived in an artist’s environment with paintings, brushes, drawings, parents and uncle’s painters, sculptors, architects and I think this all contributed so that there was no possible way other than the arts.

RODI: When it comes to private space, what is your relationship with the house you live in?
LUÍS PEDRO: My relationship with the house where I live is very personal, I spend many moments at home, both alone, with friends and I like to change the spaces from time to time because I often have new ideas for tidying up the rooms.

RODI: Do you usually think about how your projects will look 50 years from now?
LUÍS PEDRO: 50 years from now it’s a bit too much (laughs) (even because new things are always appearing that make us want to remodel) but I always take into account in my projects and the works I do, the functional and practical side. In terms of decoration, I like some minimalism as not to overload the spaces and not make them tiring.

RODI: How did you face the challenge of joining the Querido, mudei a casa! TV show?
LUÍS PEDRO: I was invited by Ana Antunes thanks to our friendship and it was with great pleasure that I accepted the challenge, however, it is been 15 years ago already and I usually say that I am already part of the furniture.

RODI: From the tv show, can you name the project you’re most proud of and why is it so special?
LUÍS PEDRO: This is a very difficult question, all the episodes are special, the tv show has this caring side of the families that are selected and that by their stories and needs always make us do our best and put all our efforts into each construction. I can’t define one that I am most proud of, because they are all proud of me.

RODI: How do Rodi products contribute to the organization of a kitchen?
LUÍS PEDRO: Because kitchens are always one of my favorite divisions and because they are more challenging in terms of workmanship and organization methodology, Rodi’s products have contributed to a great extent as I identify so much with the minimalist design and lines.

RODI: Where do you get the inspiration for your work?
LUÍS PEDRO: My inspiration comes from a lot of research, I “drink” a lot of information from images, catalogs, stores, places that I visit and of course also some of my imagination that is always present and always ready to test new ways in every way projects I develop.

RODI: How do you add the concept of sustainability to your projects?
LUÍS PEDRO: As in terms of materials we are still far from being able to perform work from recycled materials, so I try to minimize the environmental impact by using materials that don’t have to be replaced after a few years and that endures without creating major waste.

RODI: What are the main decorating trends in the kitchen?
LUÍS PEDRO: Trends fluctuate over the years and sometimes we even look for environments that were used a few years ago, I think we have seen a lot of kitchens now with some color, even in earth tones, monochromatic and without bright colors, however for me a white kitchen is always a timeless classic, but I like to cross them with contrasting backsplash materials. I also like to use wood and stone and I believe that it can result in either a straight and contemporary kitchen, as well as a classic kitchen or even both living in the same space.

RODI: Is there any color or material that you don’t need in your projects? Because?
LUIS PEDRO: The lighting !! For me it is the key to my projects, a well-studied division in terms of luminaires will always make all the difference.

RODI: Is today’s architecture, as far as kitchens are concerned, very different from the architecture of the time you started the activity? What are the big differences?
LUÍS PEDRO: I do not believe in architectural terms that there are big differences, the difference is mainly in the level of finishes, materials and technical solutions. There are now infinite ranges of appliances, etc. that open the range for us to be able to create increasingly functional and interesting projects, such as Rodi with its always innovative products.

RODI: What do you think is the future of decoration and architecture with regard to this division of the house?
LUÍS PEDRO: I think the main change will be to end the kitchen away from home and family, because more and more people have less time and if we create kitchens in open space or thought for family I think we will be contributing to an architectural future where kitchens are not just a place to cook meals, but also a family space. In this way, in terms of decoration and materials, these will also have to be thought of for these new parameters.


RODI: What is your favorite RODI dishwasher line? Because?
LUÍS PEDRO: I have several, but one of my favorites right now is the Xeron dishwasher with integrated drainer. But I especially like the straight-line, deep-bowl dishwashers like the Box Lux 76 or 74 as they are practical and I can just use a large bowl, complemented with accessories such as built-in or landing drains.