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At RODI, we aim for the perfect combination of beauty with functionality, in order to offer distinctive products and experiences that transform any home into a space fit for your needs.

Portuguese company with more than 70 years of experience. Large-scale production with a very high finishing level, using only top grade European certified stainless steel. Our products are developed with the highest standards of quality, supported by innovative techniques and top-level service. The environment is one of the pillars of RODI’s development. We make permanent investments in sustainable solutions, with a better future in mind.

Our history

There is no secret behind our success. Just the desire to make a difference in every kitchen.

RODI was acquired by the present Administration
Production focused on the manufacture of accessories for two-wheel vehicles: mudguards, chain casings, fuel tanks, and motorized iron rims, among others.
Purchase of the first machine for stamping single-printed sinks
After some tests in a mechanical press for motorcycles’ fuel tanks, the possibility of producing stainless steel sinks was discovered.
Start of production and commercialization of kitchen sinks
RODI pioneered the stamping of two-bowl sinks, without any type of welding.
First of RODI’s kitchen sinks exhibition, in Seville
Start of the first exports, focusing on the Spanish market.
Construction of a new factory, exclusively dedicated to the production of stainless-steel kitchen sinks
High investments in cutting-edge technology propelled RODI to business success.
A successful campaign
Launch of the BOX LINE collection - high-range products.
First product design prize
RODI won the first design competition in which it competed, with the Rodiart kitchen sink.
Worldwide reference
Rodi is a national market leader in the production of kitchen sinks and a world reference, exporting to more than 80 countries.
New brand identity
A new vision for the future of RODI Industries Group. RODI - our business unit for the manufacture and commercialization of stainless steel kitchen sinks and accessories - is now denominated RODI Home.

Why you can trust us

The leading position in the national market is the result of an efficient teamwork and a precise set of goals that result in the brand's success.

  • Wide range of products;
  • Use of European certified raw materials only;
  • Specialized workforce;
  • Permanent auditing of the final product.
  • Fast and effective client service;
  • Reduced lead times;
  • Capacity to adapt the products to the clients’ needs and market demands.
  • Total control of the production process;
  • Highly automated factory;
  • LEAN management;
  • 1 Million sinks and accessories are produced per year.
  • Inhouse R&D department devoted to the development of
    new products and solutions;
  • Regular launch of new products;
  • Recognized by the most important product design awards.


The focus on product improvement also allowed us to achieve some of the most important product design awards over the last few years. These come as a recognition of the brand’s success and continuous investments in design and technological innovation, and in creating elegant, modern, and functional solutions that ease your day-to-day home tasks.

  • INVISIBLE 70(2021)
  • VISION(2017, 2016)
  • INVICTUS(2016)
  • RODI ART(2015, 2013)

We are a certified company

Following a philosophy of sustainable growth, we adopt several actions to protect and preserve the environment. We are certified by our management and quality system, which ensures the quality of the products we put on the market and the excellence of the service we provide to our customers.

Integrated Management Policy
  • Integrated Management Policy
  • Quality Certificate (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Certificate (ISO 14001)
  • Workplace Safety and Health Certificate (ISO 45001)
  • Performance Statement
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